Prospective Students: Build Your Solar Career

Detailed Curriculum

The SHINE Solar Ready 101 Program consists of 12 modules over a 2 week (80 hour) period.  Each module was designed with input from solar developers and construction firms to ensure participants graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to set themselves apart in the competitive job market.

Module 1.          Basic Safety—including OSHA 10 and First Aid/CPR

Module 2.          Introduction to Construction Math

Module 3.          Introduction to Hand Tools--Solar Specific

Module 4.          Introduction to Power Tools--Solar Specific

Module 5.          Introduction to Construction Drawings--Solar Specific

Module 6.          Basic Rigging

Module 7.          Basic Communication Skills

Module 8.          Basic Employability Skills

Module 9.          Introduction to Materials Handling

Module 10.        Job Planning and Inventory of Materials and Tools

Module 11.        Installing Mounting Hardware and Raceways

Module 12.        Inspections of PV Components Prior to Installation

Sample 2 Week Schedule