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Prospective Students: Build Your Solar Career

Learning Lab at Southside

Southside Virginia Community College (SVCC) and SHINE have recently completed construction of a solar learning lab at SVCC’s Occupational Technical Center in Blackstone, Virginia.  The learning lab was made possible through the generous support of SHINE’s donors and partners and ensures that students in the SHINE Solar Ready 101 Program receive hands-on instruction.  Upon completion of the classroom based work, students will spend days immersed in actual solar project installation simulations.  Not only will this help them acquire the solar PV knowledge and skills needed for entry-level positions, but the training will also help them understand what a day in the life of a solar installer looks like.  Often times, employees begin jobs without having visibility into day to day life of their new careers.  The SHINE learning lab ensures students know what a solar career may look like and prepares them to succeed. ​

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