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Prospective Students: Build Your Solar Career

Program Overview

If you are looking for a job that serves a meaningful purpose, the solar industry can be a great fit.  Working in solar helps transition our country to cleaner fuel sources, while providing economic benefits to communities and residents along the way.  The SHINE Solar Ready 101 Program is IMMERSIVE, HANDS-ON, and SUPPORTIVE, and provides a clear pathway to becoming a solar installer. 

Solar installers help install and maintain solar panels and equipment on ground-mount racking structures or rooftops.  The solar panels then help generate electricity from the sun which households and businesses can use to power their appliances.  Because the solar sector has been growing rapidly, solar installers have the opportunity to build sustainable careers with ample opportunities to move upwards and take on leadership positions.       

The cutting edge 2-day fast-track SHINE curriculum provides Virginians with the skills and knowledge required for success in entry-level solar installation positions.  Each course runs for 2 days and comprises 4 sections, providing both classroom work and hands-on installation training at our newly-built state-of-the-art earning lab.  Graduates of SHINE will receive:

  • OSHA 10 Certification – The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) 10 training of the United States Department of Labor covers topics such as construction industry health hazards, hand and power tool hazards, fall protection, electrocution hazards, and more. 

  • SHINE Certification – Graduates of the program receive a SHINE certification card, signaling to prospective solar employers the time and effort they have put in to become solar job ready.  Solar training will consist of both classroom work as well as valuable time in solar installation simulations.  Our learning lab was designed to give students practice in installing solar as well as an understanding of what day to day life as an installer is like. 


  • Solar Specific Safety - The program enables students to recognize and mitigate safety hazards that are found on many solar project sites. It also reinforces the attributes of a 'culture of safety' and the reliance on a team-oriented approach to ensure the highest standards of safety are practiced at all times. ​


  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Installer Training - The hands-on Solar PV Systems Installer training is designed for those individuals who wish to attain a basic knowledge and application of solar photovoltaic system operations. This practical, lab-based training covers topics such as Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics, System Equipment and System Installation.

  • Workplace Fundamentals - The program teaches students the workplace fundamentals that produce successful employees. With an emphasis on accountability, communication skills and a team-oriented perspective, graduates will be empowered to successfully contribute to a safe, positive and rewarding workplace environment. 

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