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SHINE's Solar Project Pipeline Analysis

As a service to the community, SHINE tracks utility-scale solar development activity across Virginia and presents this information in comprehensive data visualizations. Updated monthly, the SHINE Virginia Solar Project Pipeline Analysis aims to provide an accurate and up-to-date look at the state's utility-scale solar  landscape and provide valuable workforce demand, economic impact and project development information. 

Data we're tracking

  • Utility-scale solar projects in Virginia

  • Project megawatt output

  • Project location

  • Forecasted construction dates

  • Project Direct Economic impact 

  • Entry-level solar jobs per year by county

  • Entry-level solar jobs per year by Community College Service Area

  • New entry-level solar jobs per month by county

  • New entry-level solar jobs per month by Community College Service Area

*SHINE members are also eligible to receive monthly downloadable reports containing more detailed information related to solar project development throughout The Commonwealth. Please email for more information about membership opportunities


The Solar Hands-On Instructional Network of Excellence (SHINE), is a public-private partnership dedicated to building innovative solar career pathways in Virginia.

Our mission is to:

  • Develop a qualified, diverse, equitable, and inclusive solar workforce

  • Equip Virginians with the tools and knowledge to enter the solar sector with a competitive edge

  • Help solar developers and construction companies source qualified and trained talent

  • Bridge the gap between solar jobs supply and solar jobs demand

Because Virginia has historically lagged behind other Eastern states in solar installations, many of the early solar jobs went to out-of-state workers.  Noting this dynamic, SHINE's founders came together in 2018 to identify ways to keep solar jobs and corresponding economic benefits in-state.  What came from this discussion and collaboration was a strategic approach to launch SHINE as a vehicle to prepare Virginia and its citizens to realize maximum employment, community development, and economic benefits of anticipated solar market growth.   

Since 2013, the state has completed over 6,500 solar installations, adding over 775 MW of solar capacity to the grid, creating over 4,000 solar jobs, and generating enough electricity to power over 87,000 homes (according to the Solar Foundation's 2018 National Jobs Census).  Virginia is currently ranked 18th in the country by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) for generating 1.03% of its total electricity from solar resources.  With the passage of the landmark Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA) in 2020, this % is expected to increase significantly.  The VCEA has made it easier to develop solar projects and Fortune 100 corporations and other companies in the state have set aggressive renewable energy procurement commitments. Current estimates project 8-10 gigawatts of solar to come online in the next eight years, generating tens of thousands of full-time equivalent jobs.  

SHINE wants to ensure that the benefits from these solar projects are optimized locally and is working with academic partners across Virginia to launch solar training programs, providing the skills, knowledge, and pathways for Virginians to access these jobs and build sustainable solar careers.  As graduates complete the SHINE program, they will have the opportunity to interview with leading solar developers and construction companies.  A win-win for both sides.  Solar developers and construction companies get access to qualified, well-trained talent while Virginians get access to well-paying (above market) jobs that make a meaningful commitment to our communities and environment.   

To make the vision a reality, the founders of SHINE have mobilized over $1 million in funding from public and private sources. 

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