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Building Innovative

Solar Career Pathways in Virginia

The Solar Hands-On Instructional Network of Excellence (SHINE) is a Public-Private Partnership Founded by Southside Virginia Community College, MDV-SEIA, Leading Solar Developers, Construction Companies, Energy Consulting & Recruiting Firms, and Tech Companies.

SHINE'S Mission

Develop a Qualified,

Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Solar Workforce

Equip Virginians with

the Tools and Knowledge

to Enter the Solar Sector

with a Competitive Edge 

Help Solar Developers

and Construction Companies Source Qualified and Trained Talent

Bridge the Gap

between Solar Jobs Supply and Solar Jobs Demand

How to Benefit from SHINE


If you are looking for a job that serves a meaningful purpose, the solar industry can be a great fit.  Working in solar helps transition our country to cleaner fuel sources, while providing economic benefits to communities and residents along the way.  The solar sector has also been growing rapidly and provides workers with ample opportunities to move upwards, take on leadership positions, and build sustainable careers.   

To set yourself apart from other candidates, consider signing up for the SHINE Solar Ready 101 Program, a 2-week immersive, hands-on introduction to the solar installation field. 


With shifting project construction timetables and competition for talent, it can often be difficult to source qualified employees.  Partnering with SHINE can help your solar development or construction company find the talent needed to execute projects successfully and safely.  SHINE’s Solar Ready 101 Program was designed with consultation from leading solar industry stakeholders and is set up to help employees add value to solar project installations from Day 1.

Learn how to partner with SHINE and access top talent for your solar projects.





SHINE is currently running its Solar Ready 101 Program at Southside Virginia Community College, one of the founding institutions of SHINE.  Upon completion of our pilot program, we will partner with other academic institutions across the state to make the SHINE Program more accessible and available.  The SHINE Solar Ready 101 curriculum is designed for other academic institutions to be able to easily launch affiliate programs.  SHINE is also working on building two mobile learning labs to provide academic partners with the infrastructure needed to give students a hands-on learning experience.  

Prepare your students for jobs in the solar sector by becoming a SHINE Academic Affiliate and offering our vetted SHINE curriculum. 


SHINE'S Board & Staff

Rich Allevi - Vice President of Utility

Rich Allevi

VP of Utility Construction

 Sun Tribe Solar

Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 5_edited.jpg

Michael Carrington

Human Resources Training Manager

Strata Solar

Ruth Prideaux LMR July 2018_edited.jpg

Ruth Prideaux


Generation Construction

Dominion Energy

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 12.43.26 PM.png
Stephen Goodin color.jpg

Stephen Goodin

Executive Director

Strategic Engagement

NextEra Energy Resources

Keith A. Harkins - Vice President of Wor

Keith Harkins

VP of Workforce Development, Southside Virginia, Community College

Jon Hillis_edited.jpg

Jon Hillis



David Murray.jpeg
Rachel Smucker - Virginia Policy _ Devel

Mid-Atlantic Regulatory Affairs & Policy Associate

Clean Choice Energy

Rachel Smucker

Byron Lamon

Sr. Vice President

Project Delivery



David Peterson

SHINE Executive Director

Mary Jane Elkins.jpg

Mary Jane Elkins

Executive Director

 Southside Community College Foundation

SHINE's Valuable Partners

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