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Host a SHINE Program for Your Students

SHINE partners with Academic Institutions to deliver highly mobile, effective training with instant application opportunities in the workforce.

SHINE Solar Workers
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The SHINE Solar Ready 101 curriculum is designed for academic institutions to be able to easily launch affiliate programs.


With multiple mobile labs, SHINE provides academic partners with the infrastructure needed to give students a hands-on learning experience.

SHINE Students Excel

SHINE's Solar Ready 101 Program is currently being offered at Southside Virginia Community College (SVCC), Rappahannock Community College (RCC), Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC), and Central Virginia Community College (CVCC). These esteemed institutions have a long-standing track record of delivering effective workforce development programs, many designed specifically for the energy and construction industries.  

SHINE's Solar Ready 101 Program

Qualifications Received

SHINE Photovoltaic Systems Installer Credential
OSHA 10 Certification
Solar Specific Safety

Learning Lab

Students also spend ample time in our outdoor learning lab doing hands-on installations.  The learning lab component of our Solar Ready 101 Program is designed to give students an immersive experience in installing solar under real-life conditions so that graduates gain the skills to succeed on a job site.

Solar Specific Safety

The program enables students to recognize and mitigate safety hazards that are found on many solar project sites. It also reinforces the attributes of a 'culture of safety' and the reliance on a team-oriented approach to ensure the highest standards of safety are practiced at all times. 

Our Valued Academic Partners

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